The policy of Medical peer Review Services, LLC is the strict maintenance of confidentiality to ensure protection of rights and privacy of all persons whose medical records are submitted for review. Medical Peer Review services, LLC provides the timely, accurate standardized reviews of medical records resulting in the statement of opinions of medical necessity, and quality standards of care consistent with evidence based medicine. In order to process reviews, information is handled by MPRS staff, all of whom acknowledge the inherent right of each patients' privacy. All staff members and contracted professionals are to hold such material in the strictest possible confidence.

All medical and healthcare information provided to MPRS is for the purpose of conducting medical case reviews. This information may be contained in paper files or file storage location. This information shall not be disclosed or discussed outside of MPRS' scope of business. It shall be kept confidential in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

Only MPRS review personnel and those staff members participating in the review process shall have the access to the records. Only the client's designated contact person/authorized person shall receive the review and any supporting material from MPRS. MPRS' Confidentiality Agreement will be provided to clients and any other specifically authorized entity. All employees of MPRS are required to sign the Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of employment.